7 Integrating C code

See the included "Makefile" and "rules.mk" files for an example of how to integrate generated C code in a host environment.

The following C/C++ files are combined with a generated header identfied by a ".g.h" extension to produce a binary output.

main_vst.cpp     Steinberg VST API v2.4

main_pd.c        Pure Data external

main_jack.c      Standalone Jack Audio (Linux) application

main_sp.c        SP binary module (see also sp.ld)

main_test.c      Stand-alone (Linux) test application

These files use the C preprocessor info and enumeration macros in the generated C file to construct data or code representations containing metadata for the target platform.

The SP module format is an ad-hoc run-time loadable binary format replacing the native dynamic library format. It is intended mainly for testing purposes.