Pure Data Packet


PDP is an extension library for Pure Data, providing video and other media processing functionality. PDP's focus is on images and video, but there is support for matrix processing, 1D and 2D binary cellular automata and opengl rendering (like Gem). PDP runs on Linux and OSX. The OSX version depends on Fink.

For more image processing objects, streaming objects and a collection of very useful additions to the bare bones PDP functionality, have a look at Yves Degoyon's PiDiP library.

For documentation, have a look at the 'pdp' subdirectory in pd's 'Pure Documentation'. Most objects are documented with pd style help patches accessible by right clicking on an object. The place to send questions is the Pure Data mailing list.


The latest stable PDP tarball release can be found in the PDP section of the Pure Data SourceForge project. The pd-pdp package is currently maintained by Paul Brossier. PDP is written by Tom Schouten and released under the GPL v2.


  • Pure Data portal
  • PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces
  • al-Jwarizmi
  • Videoflow / Cruzados BGN
  • Eth0
  • RRADical
  • Veejay / SendVIMS
  • FreeJ
  • EffecTV
  • Packet Forth, the direct descendant of PDP.
  • libprim, a descendant of Packet Forth.