[about] About the http://zwizwa.be web logs.
     [am335x] PRU / AM335 Notes - BeagleBone Black
    [android] Google Android adventures
        [arm] ARM microcontroller development
   [asterisk] Asterisk
    [axoloti] Axoloti
     [beagle] BeagleBone Black and PocketBeagle
      [books] Books wish list
  [buildroot] Buildroot notes
   [buildsys] Build Systems
          [c] C and Unix programming.
      [cache] cache - compilation, interpretation, representation and cache management
    [compsci] Computer Science.
    [contrib] Open source contrib TODO
     [crypto] Cryptography
      [darcs] Using the DARCS version control system
    [davinci] TI DaVinci Linux + Codec Engine
  [debugging] Ideas about debugging.
[distributed] Opposing the cloud -- How to build a truly distributed personal computing system
       [ecos] Notes about using the eCos RTOS.
[electronics] A grab-bag of electronics circuits, theory recap, hacks and gear nostalgia.
      [emacs] Emacs hacks
      [empat] Embedded software design patterns
     [erlang] erlang hacking
       [filo] Philosophy notes
    [finance] Finance
       [food] Food
     [garden] Gardening notes
        [git] Using git
    [gnuplot] Gnuplot
      [gpgpu] GPGPU
   [graphviz] Making techical drawings with Graphviz
    [haskell] Haskell hacking
       [home] Home maintenance & improvement
      [input] INPUT-LIST - TODO list for learning.
    [libprim] A ``primitive oriented'' scripting language core.
      [linux] Linux Kernel Stuff
        [lua] Lua notes
    [mailman] Running a mailman server
       [math] DSP related applied math ramblings.
  [mechanics] Repairing things.
      [music] Electronic Music & Tool Building
      [myhdl] MyHDL experiments
      [nixos] nixos
      [ocaml] OCaml notes
        [old] How to deal with an aging brain.
     [opengl] OpenGL hacking
    [openocd] OpenOCD notes
    [openwrt] Experiments with OpenWRT
[packetforth] Packet Forth dev log.
    [physics] physics
        [plt] Musings about using Scheme, PLT, and the zwizwa/lib toolbox.
       [pool] Linux sysadmin woes.
   [protocol] Network and other protocols
     [python] Python tricks
   [redefine] Redefine computing
        [rtl] Haskell DSL for synchronous circuits
       [rust] Rust experiments
        [sat] SAT Solvers
      [scifi] I sometimes read SF books although it usually takes me a long time to
        [sdr] Playing with Software Defined Radio
   [simtrace] SIMtrace / OsmoCos hacking
         [sm] State Machines
       [snot] PLT Scheme sandbox + multiple repl support for Emacs.
   [softarch] Software Architecture / Engineering
      [spice] spice - circuit simulation
        [sql] Getting to know (My)SQL
    [stm32f1] STM32F1 Hardware Nodes
       [sweb] Experiments with the PLT Scheme webserver.
      [synth] Building a Digitally Controlled Analog Synthesizer
 [thermostat] A Thermostat on an Insecure Network
 [tinyscheme] Extensions to tinyscheme 1.39
   [training] Physical training
   [uc_tools] Notes for uc_tools lib
         [ui] User Interface
        [usb] Notes about writing usb slave drivers
     [webdev] Javascript, HTML, SVG, and generic web development techniques
       [wood] wood working 101
     [zephyr] Zephyr Notes