A Thermostat on an Insecure Network

Premise: I currently can't wire things up in such a way to make the
sensor/control/actuator network separate from everything else.  Part
of it will need to be wireless as wll.  

Given that constraint, how to make it "secure enough" such that the
needed connectivity can be provided by a network on which I do not
control all the code.

20180418 Autodetect?
20180409 Made a draft gui
20180318 Thermostat on exo
20180317 UI
20180205 old calib
20180204 ice point calibration
Per IP
20180202 These thermometers have a large thermal mass
Control algorithm
Inspecting temperatures
Thermostat app
temperv14.erl restart on error
UDP reconnects dont't work properly
20180201 Cleaned up temperv14.c
UDP receiver
Client connection
20180131 Finish up
temper calibration
20180121 Simplest possible setup
Debug access
20180120 Secure sensors
20180111 Embedded systems: thermostat transport