Wed Apr 29 09:55:30 EDT 2020

How does the txt file list update?

I'm dumping a new set of txt links in web-root/txt, but I dont' see
anything showing up.

I completely forgot how this all works...
First: where are the logs?

The runit log is here:


But there is another log.

root@tomweb:/var/log/sweb# ls -l /proc/122/fd
lr-x------ 1 sweb sweb 64 Apr 29 16:01 11 -> /home/tom/pub/darcs/sweb/web-root/banlist
l-wx------ 1 sweb sweb 64 Apr 29 16:01 12 -> /home/tom/pub/darcs/sweb/web-root/log

Looks like I have two trees:

root@tomweb:/home/tom/pub/darcs/sweb/web-root# readlink -f .
root@tomweb:/home/tom/pub/darcs/sweb/web-root# readlink -f /var/www/zwizwa.be/darcs/sweb/

And it's starting the one in /home/tom

So let's change that with a link.