Sun Mar 21 14:06:35 CET 2010

Tex rendering

The low-level parsing works.  Now let's make the tex parsing into a
functional compilation step.  Currently the tex formatting uses
self-access of attributes, i.e. OO style.

A tex file is created from a source file and produces: dvi, png, pdf.
There are two complications:

      * dvi is an intermediate for both pdf and png

      * There are multiple png and xhtml files; they need to be
        represented and cross-linked.

      * where to put the laziness and caching (recompile) ?

Laziness can be embedded in the function.  Caching is probably best
handled on a higher level.

The remaining problem is to mesh external references with internal
representations.  This is a problem that's best handled generally
since I can forsee it popping up elsewhere (I've seen it in the past).

So the goal is simple: create a tex->png/pdf renderer independent of
the external access methods:

       LINKER (INDEXER)                  COMPILER (RENDERER)

The compiler needs to be parameterized by an index method.  It
produces html that refers to other html and png files.  Currently this
is handled in a woven way: see `node-query->link'.