Mon Jun 15 16:03:26 CEST 2009

Flat view of ramblings

Shouldn't be too difficult to implement.  Add a virtual "aggregate"
topic which can 

  1. access all posts by simply searching them.

  2. create a table of contents, sorted by key.

Ok. 1. is implemented.  2. shouldn't be so difficult but is for
another time.

Now I'm wondering, maybe this should really be the default?  Get rid
of sections in the data representation, but use them only for the
index + in-topic navigation.  The constraint (make sure keys are
unique) doesn't seem too restrictive.

In-topic navigation could be implemented differently.  Since this is
just a filtered list an interpretation should be simpler.  This
however requires to move from a graph to a tree structure: posts no
longer have a unique previous/next post...

But.. From a human p.o.v. keeping sections is a good idea..  If not
only to separate the sane from the unsane, the edited from the raw.

One interesting property is that posts can move without breaking
outside references, by writing aggregate indexing as a http redirect.