Sat Jun 13 16:40:04 CEST 2009


I'd like to revive my math blog, but in a way that preserves the LaTeX
layout.  I.e. to have the convenience of the ramblings format, but
with latex formatting.

Let's see about some math blogs on the web.  One is the unapologetic
mathematician[1].  I'd like to do it in the following way: have a
default www output, but allow for the destillation of a PDF.

Hmm.. I tried several applications (html2tex, tth, tex2ht, latex2rtf)
but none of them give proper output and they are slow.  I'm thinking
it's best to go back to the basics: latex + dvipng.  (dvipng is a
separate debian package).

dvipng foo.dvi -o foo.png -T bbox

Conclusion: with a bit of massaging this could be made into a simple
way to display formatted tex on a page.  Basicly, what you want is a
single long page, and slice it into segments so browsers will display
it properly.  Then put the .tex source also on the page so it can be
indexed properly.

[1] http://unapologetic.wordpress.com/