Sat Jun 13 13:44:05 CEST 2009

Ramblings format features

  - WYSIWYG: stick to fixed-width text which allows ad-hoc formatting
    (useful talking about code) and is easy to use in emacs.

  - Add a reference mechanism to allow URIs to be tucked away at the
    bottom of a post, not disturbing the flow of text.  However, they
    are still visible instead of hidden as in HTML.  There is too much
    information in the visual representation of a URI to not show it.

  - A ramblings file is a sorted list of entries. "^Entry:" is the
    split tag, and it is not allowed to be part of a post text.  There
    is no escape mechanism, so you can't quote the description of an
    entry within the body of an entry.  The header of an entry is a
    collection of "^<name>: <value>$" pairs.  These have some meaning
    in the parser and mainly direct indexing.

  - Ad-hoc body parsing.  There is room for extension, but the main
    idea is that standard URIs take precedence.  The '{' and '}'
    tokens are still free for hierarchical grouping, but they are
    currently not used.  The unit of parsing is the word.  This means
    that URIs with spaces are not supported (replace them with %20).
    For extensions, it's probably best to use reserved words that
    don't clash with english or any code that would be present in a
    post body.