Sun Aug 17 16:00:26 CEST 2008

Electric project pages

For example, the Staapl homepage could use some parametricity.  What I
need is a mechanism to format pages from darcs projects.  Let's call
it prj-www, and let's use a Scribble based frontend.

It's quite straightforward.  However, a non-interpreted language using
only scheme/reader is still tedious: funcitonality needs to be
provided through an interpreter.  

Let's use one of the scribble languages that expands to 'doc.  The
approach I'm trying now is 'executable xhtml' : the servlet frontend
will load the module into a namespace and strip all the scribble
markings, leaving just the s-expressions generated by the code.  This
leaves the responsability to generate proper xhtml at the servlet
side.  It's a bit raw ``PHP style'', but somehow makes sense for quick
& dirty apps.

Ok. Formatting one document (staapl homepage) it's pretty clear that
this is a bit too much hassle.  Better switch to the structure imposed
by scribble, and render it.