Sun Mar 30 10:32:51 EDT 2008

2 servers

going to try something with 2 servers
  * giebrok: has sweb running
  * kurk: has data

what i need is a way for giebrok to get data from kurk, but with
modification time so it can rebuild its caches appropriately. i tried
nfs readonly but i can't get that to work (mount gives permission

http objects have mtime, so i need a way to access that from scheme.

maybe it's easier to just roll a quick file server that gives mtime

ok.. got something working. but do i really need tcp servers? probably
easier to use ssh + a single script that reads arguments from the

what solves what problem?

   ssh: authentication + security
   program: data I/O

it's best to have a daemon to eliminate startup time. unix socket
daemon with socat?