Sat Mar 29 12:34:30 EDT 2008

wowri + sweb update

sweb: link to current scat rambligns

wowri: figure out where to put the data. sweb code should be on
giebrok, but all the site data, managed by different people, should go
on kurk.

big choice: use sweb or just use wordpress or other cms? since this is
not just for melissa, it's probably best to stick to something popular
to limit the support cost..

what's important in a wiki
  - themes + customizable design
  - data backend for backups
maybe i should go for a ruby on rails wiki, to get a chance to jump on
that train? i'd like to do stuff in the scheme webserver, but that
creates more dependencies.. maybe check on planet for a wiki?

checked with the boss: she's the only one updating, so i can go on
experimenting. was thinking about using scribble instead of xml..