Wed Feb 27 19:51:57 CET 2008

continuation experiments

/usr/local/bin/plt-web-server -p 8181 -f configuration-table
Servlet (@ /servlets/ct) exception:
"current-continuation-marks: no corresponding prompt in the continuation: #<continuation-prompt-tag:web>"

 === context ===
/usr/local/mz- send/suspend

i suspect this has to do with the expiration based manager, see the
note here:


  "if you are considering using this manager, also consider using the
   Web Language. (See Web Language Servlets.)"

that's not it. it looks as if the default loader doesn't do web
language servlets..

ha, i got something working here. after looking at the source
mz/collects/web-server/dispatchers/dispatch-lang.ss i found that a
path contains 2 values: a path and a search path list, so i made my
fake path generator generate an empty list as 2nd value. now the
dispatcher works.

apparently web-serverl/lang/stuff-url.ss stores the continuation in a
file in ~/.urls

looks like this stuff is still quite experimental.. it does work,
though i'm not sure why these continuations need extra data. thought
there was no server state?