Tue Feb 26 20:42:35 CET 2008

ssh + scheme?

maybe it's time to write a dispatcher for ssh logins. rpc over
SSH. this can then be used to send messages between remote hosts over
secure but limited channels.

this needs only parsing of arguments + environment variables:

  getenv putenv current-command-line-arguments

ok. it's pretty simple. making sure to use the right identity file:

 ssh -i <identityfile> -o "IdentitiesOnly yes" <host> <command>

.ssh/authorized_keys can be configured to dispatch the identity to a
program which interprets the environment variable
SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND, a string without zero bytes. so glueing together
scheme programs over ssh is really simple.

this basicly solves the problem of building stuff on klimop: only
allow a single command (i.e. 'build') that produces a tar file with
the result. no other functionality is needed, other than the trust in