Tue Feb 26 17:08:06 CET 2008


the thing about call-by-need and makefiles is probably best seen as a
filesystem based object cache. i already have something like that:

let's put it in a separate module, since it might be useful.

so.. this is not completely the same as 'make': since Makefiles have
rules that are opaque, the only way to figure out wether something
needs to be recompiled, is to re-run make.

what might be interesting, is a sort of rate-limited make: call make
only if last pull was >> than the time it takes to run make.

it looks like these things are better solved in the archives
themselves. an 'update' target in the toplevel makefile should perform
all the necessary operations to sync from central darcs and
recompile. also generally useful.

ok.. i separate it out in 2 targets:

 update: sync with authoritative zwizwa.be archive
 all:    build everything

both are polling operations. one wonders wether they can be made

another problem that pops up is for latex: building latex requires
multiple iterations per file to ensure convergence. how to do that
automatically? -> fixed (see latex-bibtex in darcs/papers)