Fri Feb 22 11:05:22 CET 2008

zwizwa cache cleanup

let's try to move to automate the generation of cached objects:
  * papers
  * darcs src + bin tarballs

first, the papers. what needs to be done is:
  1. check consistency of document
  2. if not consistent, initiate a compilation (on different host!)
  3. retreive the result

security-wise, the webhost can only send messages to the compilation
host. the compilation host responds to this by placing a file in a
cache directory (or exporting one?)

toplevel archive organization. is the builder part of sweb? yes. so
it's best to put it in one archive. let's standardize the builder as a
Makefile. builder takes archives from giebrok.

the builder runs parameterized with the source host's name, fix it in
the makefile for now.