Experiments with the PLT Scheme webserver.

The stable part of this code supports the http://zwizwa.be/ramblings
log file formatter, used for most of my code projects.  It is based on
a simple graph based document model with lazy parsing.

Additionally, I'm thinking about and experimenting with a "PHP for
Scheme" model for low-level parametric page generation, memory
image based web application development (without database, only using
store for snapshot backups) and what the role of objects are in a
continuation based web server without database.

Darcs archive: http://zwizwa.be/darcs/sweb

20200429 How does the txt file list update?
20140430 zwizwa.sty not found
20140103 sweb is dead
20130811 Replies
20130524 Testing raw xhtml
How to do style sheet syntax in s-expressions?
20121214 dotfiles
20110809 Flat namespace
20110318 Racket update
20101004 Done except..
20101003 Hashing intermediates
Weird bug
Lights go back on
Finishing the RV formatter
20100420 Full circle
20100419 Caching for ramblings.ss
20100418 Overdesigned
20100417 No representation
Separating pure functions from reactive computations
20100416 Next
Reactive Ramblings
20100411 NoSQL?
To SQL or not to SQL?
20100408 Representing links
Cheap thrills
20100329 Scaling (why jango sucks)
Cross-linking re-take: ".." introduces graph structure
20100328 Cross linking
FAM & Swindle
20100327 Moving the code to reactive implementation
Reactive programming
20100326 Pull FRP
20100323 Lazy vs. Reactive
20100321 Stateful crap!
Tex rendering
The graph business.
20100307 Hmm.. not happy
20100227 sweb and emacs
20100121 Relational Lenses: Updatable Views
20100109 more restructuring..
20100106 restructuring cont..
20091224 restructuring
20091020 SXML planet library
20090929 Ramblings File Representation
Removed database files
20090830 Reverse parsing of ramblings files
20090724 PLaneT
20090716 check-syntax
md5 -> isbn index
tired of bad quality scans
firefox on unix sockets
20090715 Passwords
20090712 regexp matching
20090709 dotp
git for deployment
apache logs
20090705 logfile to graph
20090703 apachelogs
20090627 atexit
20090625 moving toward a single pool
20090624 removed random link generator
separate indexing from storage
20090620 auto-discover ramblings
Split .txt files
the md5:// links in firefox
20090618 Latex Multiple Pages
20090617 Latex Rendering
Hash Tables Of Closures
Making web links explicit
20090616 tex -> png
20090615 Flat view of ramblings
calling latex and dvipng
juggling binary objects -> caching continuations
20090613 Image test
Ramblings format features
multiple tags
20090612 library update
20090602 scribble
20090516 viewing scribble docs
20090508 forcing + sync
20090507 composing regexps
speeding up inner parser
faster ramblings parsing
20090506 databases
20090505 log analyzer
Data structure of the day: reference counter.
back to multiple servlets
20090416 indexing ramblings files
what to use a db for?
20090412 databases
20090402 links
20090401 implementing aggregation
20090331 parsing
20090330 aggregation
20090309 4.1.4
20080908 guessterpreter
20080905 OpenDocument
20080902 snooze
20080829 databases
20080820 web server tutorial
20080819 continuations
20080817 Electric project pages
20080813 instaweb
forms + login
20080810 blogging software..
images and attachments
taking out stream.ss
20080602 browser events
20080330 server channels
2 servers
20080329 wowri + sweb update
20080228 scheme/control
20080227 continuation experiments
no objects?
20080226 ssh + scheme?
20080222 zwizwa cache cleanup
classes in sweb
20080221 web server debugging
separating out library code
darcs meta?
sweb contains data
20080220 roll your own stream processing library
/last servlet
plt 4 problems
20080219 move to plt v4
20080131 @chunk broken
20080130 forth as markup
20080127 speedup
20071007 parsing
20071006 web server debug
20070928 a new wiki standard
20070924 graphs
20070921 pawfaliki
20070920 real parser
20070917 scheme!
20070916 ramblings ok
20070912 ramblings
20070908 fun with the plt web server