Getting to know (My)SQL

For a brief summary, see this[1] post.

[1] entry://20111111-104648

20190403 sqlite3 subqueries
sqlite procedures
A user interface for creating projections
sqlite3 and functions
20190317 sqlite3 and decimal
20190311 Storing currency amounts
20190228 SQL and functional deps
20180415 Editable views
20180324 Categorizer
20180228 SQLite virtual tables
20170810 index
20160330 sqlite creates table when importing a csv file, using first line as table names
20160328 Normalization
finite functions
20150908 Low level database edits: the problem
20150905 Path of least resistance: SQL + React
20150404 Taxes
20140925 Database workstation
20140912 Partitions
growing sqlite3
20140910 Set difference
20140612 Encoding structure in databases
Embedding nested structures
20140604 Outer product
20140529 Indirection through eval
20140527 Normal forms
20140526 Editable views
20140524 CHAR vs VARCHAR: speed?
Parameterize over tables?
20140521 Foreign keys
Data Models in MySQL Workbench
Editable queries
Can a table refer to a table?
20140520 Setting up mysql with SSL access
20140401 2013 taxes - what did we learn?
20140331 Evidence based approach
Editable views
Annotation joins
20131227 Splitting regexp -> view?
20131226 Naming intermediates
20131224 Binning
20131223 Mysql root password
Fresh mysql install
20130921 table as function
20130806 Convert arbitrary CSV file to MySQL table
20130407 Mysql data import
Mysql create database
20130331 Simplest way to print/pdf a table?
20130330 Function based on table
20130317 SQL in OpenOffice Calc
20120707 Joins
20120705 Emacs MySQL
Mysql clone database
20120303 Caching predicates / membership
Nested queries
External processing
MySQL regexp replace or just regexp match
Understanding SQL
Playing with INSERT
20120302 MySQL procedures
Apache logs in database
20120229 Database cursors
Some things I learned these days
20120228 Query DB in bash
20120223 Representatives
Expanding text field into table using regular expressions
Dumping SQL inside mysql binary
20111112 Getting at wordpress blog posts
Regexp and apache logs
20111111 The SQL notes
20111107 Known bots
Regular expressions
20111104 SQL cheat sheet