Sat Mar 16 16:24:57 EDT 2019

the blessed tools

Lists of tools that come from difficult choices.  I.e. there are
alternatives, but these turn out to be optimal relevant to my
application space and constraints.

- Linux       os1: kerne
- buildroot   os2: minimal embedded (readonly) root filesystem
- debian      os2: "large" system
- Erlang      os3: network-level orchestration, protocols, top-level glue
- Rust        core data processing routines (data-structure heavy)
- C           low-level interfacing, data processing (trade off with Rust)
- Haskell     compilers and code generators (data structure heavy)
- nix         build tool & library dependency management
- redo        fast incremental rebuilds
- sqlite3     data store
- git         source control - 2-level
- Emacs       code user interface