Rust experiments

20200702 How to create a no_std library?
Minimal .a to include in C file
20200607 gui
20200602 rust libopencm3
20200503 Wait for generators/coroutines?
20200430 Writing music state machines in Rust async
20200429 confused again
20200428 Publishing lars
20200426 Deriving From
20200420 Async embedded
20200418 Version bumping rust
20200417 rust async lecture
20200414 async-std
20200413 code bloat: one superbinary
20200401 How to switch rust compilers?
20200330 Oxidize 1k: videos
20200321 Tock
20200320 oxidize
20200318 Prepare rust embedded
20200314 Embedded Rust Book
20190314 specyfing return value traits
20190310 Rust on uC
destructing dynamically typed data
Indices, borrow schecker and 2-phase scan,update
20190309 unwrap ?
20190305 Iterators and Specs
Composing iterators
20190304 Moving an Option<T>, replacing origin with None
20190224 Rust without allocation
20190211 USB STM32
20190107 How to send strings through channels?
20180919 Rust on STM
Initializing arrays
20180918 Propagate Result in an iterator?
20180915 Different rust compilers
20180811 speeding up builds
20180728 USB firmware in rust
20180716 configure default=nightly for target?
20180519 tock
Rust on STM32 blue pill
20180510 STM32
20180501 C FFI
OpenWRT / Buildroot
20180430 Rust cross compiler
20180422 where
Don't confuse traits (constraints) with trait objects (types)
Is this just filter_map?
More about iteration
Implementation of map
20180421 lars passes tests
Rust, elements
20180420 Restore lars?
20180323 impl Trait
20180127 Cross compiling
20180122 Simplification
go via pi
20180121 Two rust applications
Trusted code
20180108 State of no_std
20171105 Incremental
Installing Rust
20171103 Rust on ARM
20161211 Picking up again
20150305 boilerplate
20150302 Pointer
20150301 Ownership woes: trees versus traversals
20150228 Are there any iterators that own an array?
20150224 Build failures
Too much at once
Rust OpenGL stuff
20150223 Rust on STM32F1,4
20150222 intrinsics / volatile
20150220 job vranish on embedded rust
opengl terminal emulator
20150217 Moving Vec out of mutable borrowed object.
20150215 trait objects
20150213 UI on embedded box
20150205 flat_map
20150203 still running into corner cases with iterator
20150202 generic programming in rust
"Explicit lifetime bound required"
Rust Types
trait objects
Function pointers
unboxed closures
Reporting bug
expected bound lifetime parameter , found concrete lifetime
20150201 Switching to Iterators and pull style
Not copying iterators
Sinking in
iterators and associated types
printing types
Checking inner loops
20150130 General idea for logic analyzer
Functional vs. Mutation
rust logic: external iterators
picking up again
20150120 gui requirements
20141001 pyla - streams
20140930 Unsafe code
browsing rust code
20140915 pyla
20140913 Crosscompile
20140912 Rust on ARM
20140812 Byte pointer to rust array?
20140811 Cross compiler ARM
No more segmented stacks
20140810 FFI
20131210 Project
20131209 #[no_std]
20131114 #[start] and/or #[no_std]
20131006 Buffered channels : again
20130921 Buffered channels
4 million task switches per second is a bit much
Getting stuck on iterators
20130915 Rustboot