Musings about using Scheme, PLT, and the zwizwa/lib toolbox.

Library contents:

   * zwizwa/lib/mfile:  Scheme objects with a 1-1 correspondence to
     filesystem objects.  Convenient for representing unix utilities
     that operate on files as scheme functions and garbage-collected

   * zwizwa/lib/rv: Reactive Values.  A simple lazy update, strict
     invalidate reactive programming abstraction.

The lib contains more as zwizwa/lib/x/* but those are considered
unstable or private (only used in other zwizwa/* packages).  If you
find one of those useful, inform me so I can promote it to a stable
public API.

20131231 Neil's html-parsing lib
Parsing HTML
20131223 Racket Database Connectivity
20131218 Racket Package System - Jay McCarthy
20131217 RacketCon
20131216 Edit a database in a browser
20130928 raco pkg git repository
20130508 Shorter compile cycle
enter! fix
20130409 geiser
20130223 racklog
20130222 syntax-case
20120216 Writing opendocument spreadsheets
20111104 Next: PLT MySQL bindings
20111103 still crashing
Parsing strings
TODO apachelogs
Eliminate "share.ss" hash stuff
20111102 Table size
Next: apachelog
Hashing the strings?
What happened on March 13 2011?
20111101 regexp -> pregexp
20110326 Racket FFI : packed structs
Racket FFI
20110320 Switched to Racket 5.1
20101228 Debian ready for Racket?
20101002 Release of zwizwa/plt lib?
How to collaborate on a PLaneT package?
20100420 Syntax for cached values
Experience with using the cache abstraction (rv.ss)
20100418 Reactive Dataflow & GC
20100416 Should rv-force be private?
Files and GC
Finalizers are bad
FAM and finalizers
20100411 Resist the urge to use lazy lists
20100327 RP: race conditions
Naive Reactive Program
20091008 Hash tables with custom equality test
20090929 dynamic-data and caches
20090919 Prefab Structures
20090906 Param -> pure functions using delimited continuations
Pure hash tables
20090904 Direct staging vs. the 'eval trick
20090731 Trees and paths
20090730 Parsing mpeg4 files
20090722 Phase namespace problems
Avoiding macros with 'eval
20090720 Double fork
20090719 Re: About 'eval at expansion time
About 'eval at expansion time
20090712 Apache logfile parsing
20090618 Weak References
20090616 Mfile cleanup
20090615 Unix utilities
20090611 Abstract interpretation ('eval in macros)
Code vs. Data (abstract or concrete instructions?)
20090505 Immutable hash tables
20090502 Immutable cyclic structures
20090426 Imperative struct update
20090424 Hygiene: syntax-case & introduced identifiers
20090419 Using fold vs. explicit tail recursion
20090417 Zipper and sequences
Multiple values and sequences
Generator end of sequence
20090412 Visitor
20090331 Structs
20090330 Union types
20090327 Zipper
20090326 Using control/prompt
Sequences, generators and lazy lists