Packet Forth dev log.
For more info see http://zwizwa.be/packetforth

20090927 Category Theory and Data Converters
20090817 New interpreter
20090803 Primitives are tasks
20090722 gdb --args
20090719 starting the console
always using gdb
20090718 next
rearranging throw and abort
shutting it up
getting rid of the return value
something wrong with e_type?
20090717 Packet Types + Macros
PF / Staapl / PLT Scheme
PF is weird
Scaf problems on 64bit
XV doesn't work on 64bit (it does)
fixing load-v4l
20090709 boo!
64bit woes
deps on current debian unstable
removing hash.c
20090326 PF ideas
20090325 cplt report 1
cpp output
eliminating macros
20090324 c.plt
20081003 Ocaml FrontC
type error when creating xv blitter
20080922 next fix
20080921 pf-alloc
different compiler
PLT Scheme
20080920 X11 bug
type checking
name space management
20080919 2 arguments
20080722 refactoring
20080719 no data member access
20080713 cleaning up PF type checking
20080712 speeding up Hough
20080711 glare
Corrected Hough transform
20080705 Sobel edge + Hough
the future of PF
20071029 next refactoring run
20071004 linux graphics
make art presentation
Is PF really forth?
from old zwizwa site
20070824 notes.org
20070605 linear lisp
20070530 shallow binding
20070529 pure data objects
20070520 puredata
20070518 non-linear memory
unify variables and deferred words
20070517 getting rid of subheader
20070516 pure data
20070515 the big change: packet from int to abstract
copy method
main sync
synchronization variables
raw video support
20070512 indexing
20070509 tagged (colored) code
things that might change next
debug output
20070508 default I/O
20070504 problem with tasks
20070423 data structures
20070422 pf is not scheme
time for pf again
20070428 debian packages
20070227 what is PF?
20070222 ideas
20070219 lambda the ultimate
20070130 error handling
incremental improvements
emacs mode
20070128 thinking about compilers again
20061213 OSX build problems
check travel notes
20061207 backward edit
20061205 bad day
20061204 compiler rewrite attempt failed
threading model
things to mess up next
20061130 on threading models
task local variables
20061129 interrupt
error reporting and backtrace handling in task context
task local dynamic variables
20061128 wait
20061127 implementing copy-stream-buffered
20061122 ready for scheduler
20061121 scheduler
20061119 clean up readme : the stuff that nobody reads
20061113 weird bug in console interpreter
but first: 'binders'
20061112 video
loading plugins
20061111 glx stuff
more things to clean up
20061107 console protocol
20061106 we have a winner
20061104 thread changes
20061103 readline console
shut up and code
20061031 parser and pre-emption
20061030 write and stdlib streams
select fixups
20061029 console fix again
stream actions
20061028 pipes and deadlock
writing packets
20061008 interrupts & abort
20060930 server/client
20060920 polling & listen
20060905 debian/ubuntu
20060901 packaging
20060830 yada yada redesign
packet pool
binary protocol
20060828 the expression problem
20060825 waking up again
20060812 objects and dispatching
20060809 pf rewrite
binary data pipes
removing double precision?
foam days
foamy things
20060731 lists and atoms
20060721 swinging
20060707 containers and arrays
20060703 libquicktime
20060415 quines in pf
20060410 non-pure packet copy/create semantics
20060409 polywords
20060402 core changes epilogue
abort stack
20060401 linear lisp - memory management
copying code
20060331 temp code
input stream blues
20060328 new parser
20060302 immediate words
stacks (recovered from stacks.txt)
20060227 lists, stacks & queues II
20060226 lists, stacks & queues
20060223 tail calls
20060221 C code cleanup
20060130 PF versus SC
forth bootstrapping