Experiments with OpenWRT

20180517 Stripping it down
20180503 Creating a patch for a package
20180502 Building against staging_dir : usbrelay
Additional packages?
20180501 Client mode?
20180430 Building, recap
20160812 Rootfs on External Storage (extroot)
20140913 What to put on a WRT54g v4 ?
20140817 fswebcam
Last manojpi patch
Client mode
Client wifi node on Share Max
20140321 USB boot Belkin F7D7301 - manojpi
20131206 AA asterisk18
20131130 Properly setting up USB Storage on OpenWRT
20131112 Weird bridging/routing problem on Belkin Share Max
Picking a new router
Installing packages on a self-compiled base image
20130906 From scratch
20130903 Building last patch for Share Max
20130309 Goals
Playing with CFE
CFE: tftp -> flash
20130307 OpenWRT dev - How to use CFE network image for testing without flashing?
SVN stuff
20130306 Belkin F7D7301
New router
20121215 DebWrt
OpenWRT extroot
debian vs. openwrt
load_modules from functions.sh
base files
openwrt init stuff
20121214 Mounting USB drive in init script
20121213 Packaging an OpenWRT (or other) kernel for Debian
20121211 Clean boot
OpenWRT kernel -> Debian
20120828 PPTP on OpenWRT/Debian
20120729 Memory issues
Rsync out-of-memory
e2fsck killed?
Resizing backup disk
OOM killer
20120728 Box reset
20120722 Belkin rsync
20120717 Forwarding localhost:12345 to ?
20120711 Belkin F7D3302
20120708 Sandboxing problem
20120707 Bridges and firewalls
20120706 OpenWRT + Debian: kernel only?
OpenWRT and kernel modules
OpenWRT hacking
OpenWRT kernel modules
Recovering Belkin Share Max N300 using CFE
Bricked it
OpenWRT serial console USB
OpenWRT/Debian failsafe
20120705 Printer on guest network
20120702 OpenWRT : Mounting by UUID
20120701 OpenWRT switch config
OpenWRT todo
HW ether
dnsmasq /dev/log
64MB is tight..
20120630 Asterisk trimming
OpenWRT / Debian box
OpenWRT upgrading kernel
Asterisk Debian mipsel
Asterisk OpenWRT
OpenWRT next
Asterisk on OpenWRT
20120624 OpenWRT config
OpenWRT firewall
20120623 OpenWRT next
OpenWRT packages
OpenWRT setup
20120621 Debian mipsel
20110302 VLAN on OpenWRT routers
20110207 Forwarding ports using iptables
20101114 dnsmasq on OpenWRT
20100405 openwrt shfs
20090711 bootstrapping scsh with qemu-mipsel
20090710 bootstrapping and cross-compiling with qemu
20081018 zorro kamikaze
20080412 wds / apsta
20080313 openwrt usb on zorro
20080308 openwrt + debian
20071013 gambit C on openwrt
20070327 scheme shell on openwrt
20070310 weller soldering irons
20070309 hacking la fonera
new toy
20061101 wireless repeaters : WDS