20200404 Current stance on Nix-based dev env
20191126 buildroot on nix
20191124 substituters
20191120 Buildroot on nix
20191116 wrappers
trying to build erlang extensions in nix-shell
20191110 nix-build --keep-failed
nix-shell + genericBuild
Wow nothing fucking works
I need to understand the crosssytem stuff in nix
Relaxed nixos
A practical solution for ct-ng?
Building larger systems
20191108 nix-env -i vs -iA
ct-ng build didn't finish properly
20191107 Packaging buildroot
20191104 Embedded meta system
So, what is a reproducible build?
20191101 disable sandbox
writable source dir
nix-build doesn't allow setuid
why is XML/Parser.pm not showing up?
20191031 fetchgit or different approach?
temporary nix-build cache hack
still not there
how is a nix hash computed?
An incremental build cache
rpaths still not ok
revisit basics -- nix-build FAQ
faking the nix-build src
20191030 build cache
Installing on debian
how does the library resolution actually work?
Producing a properly linked toolchain
Building large projects with nixos
20191029 rust on nix
absolute paths for FHS compiled binaries
perl modules in FHS
revisit basics -- nix FAQ
20191028 nixos FHS chroots
20191027 multi-user nixos
final word?
new version different?
profile workaround
jack build error
do i really want this?
20191026 nixos generators
What is the actual error?
So how to manage this?
Empty .bashrc in case of [ ! -z "$IN_NIX_SHELL" ]
Something very basic is wrong
Host it in exo first
20191022 Initial
buildroot and nix
20191017 debugging
How to install nix multi-user?
20191016 Need Nix > 2.0
20190328 lorri
20190319 Next?
20190318 Problems with nix 2.2 on ubuntu / debian
nix-daemon problmes after update
20190316 nixos lxc
broke phoo
get to know nix-shell better
20190312 how to point llvm-hs to llvm 7.0.1?
cabal2nix, remarks
solving some issues
20180916 Switch more "tools" to nixos.
20180915 pkgsCross
20180907 Cross compilers
20180905 Overlays
20180827 panda setup
nix-shell creates /tmp/env-vars
nixos multi-user
different nixpkgs
nixpkgs-channels vs nixpkgs
How to duplicate nix installs?
Moving more things to nix
20171210 Include Debian sysroot in build
20171203 debian repo
nix store + btrfs snapshots
20171202 list nixpkgs attributes
nixos module system vs nixpkgs derivations?
20171201 running as root?
buildroot anyway
20171129 dependency management
keeping nix-shell open
20171128 some tips
Separate profile without changing ~/nix-profile
Use case: erlang 18.3
20171126 nix-custum as extension of nixpkg
cross-compiling, conclusion
Copying closures manually without nix on the target
Again, cross compilation
C compiler with ulibc
20171125 standard package layout
embedded root fs
20171124 rec defs
20171123 mini root fs
20171122 package a debian chroot
20171121 alternative to buildroot?
patch shebangs
nixos and debian chroot build?
output vs "inside" of a build
default build script / builder.sh
building libopencm3 with arm-gcc-embedded
20171120 side chain repo
20171118 Packages and deps
So what is a channel? And can I "patch" against one?
Closures vs. build instructions
How to build a package?
Pinning versions
Requesting a specific version?
A nix development machine
Changing "HOME" ?
Building things in nixos
missing man pages
building something
20171113 local cache
Run time dependencies
20171112 example: start irc when network goes up
create package
Installing a Haskell package
20171111 Cloning a nix system?
Building a package
Mouse acceleration
/nix on NFS
20171110 Emacs with packages
nixos in lxc container
Creating a nix package
Split install into system and user
Installing nix on zoe
Nixos vs nix
Nix is C/C++ and Perl?
20171109 conclusion for now?
20171105 next: openvpn
Ad-hoc vs. declarative
haskell development.
20170911 xmonad
20170910 Add packages
system vs. user
ad-hoc vs declarative
Problem with wpa_supplicant
First time install on X201