Sat Jan 7 14:05:15 EST 2017

Erlang cont

Basic design decision is NIF vs external process.  Leaning towards the
latter because of asynchronous events.

That requires a protocol.  Some options:
- raw PF

I find UBF interesting, so let's make a layer that is a direct
translation between UBF and PF.

To bootstrap the application, it is ok to send PF and e.g. receive
UBF.  PF doesn't support tuples, but tuples could be used to represent
binary leaf objects as tagged tuples.

One thing I do not like about PF/PDP is the representation of types as
symbols that flatten internal structure, such as image pixel format,
pixel layout and dimensions.  Is it worth doing this differently?

But UBF is now tagged unmaintained.  That doesn't look like a good