Sat Oct 31 11:16:39 EDT 2015

Linear engine

Boiling down the basic ideas behind PDP and PF:
- most audio/video processing executes as data flow graphs (DFGs)
- RPN is a good way to encode DFGs, exposing usage patterns and locality
- exposed dup and drop make refcount management simple (lazy copy).

There isn't much else to it..

To integrate libprim, zl, pdp, pf, do the following:

- "new" pdp is a shell to data flow graphs running inside of pf, so it
  can just be called "pf"

- pf is an intermediate language engine to represent data flow graphs
  as linear programs.  it can be used stand-alone, or as a pd

- libprim implements pf's object system

- zl implements pf's media bindings

- erlang bindings for sensor network

Next step?  Get PF up.
Goal: get video in, do some minimal processing, and send it out over the network.