Fri Nov 23 13:14:56 EST 2012

How this works

Frankly, I forgot.

A version of libprim that was embedded in another project that
actually used this contained media/Makefile.  It seemed that the point
was to create a separate .a file not part of the libprim project to
keep the GPL code separate (due to GSL and FFMPEG).

Not sure what to do with it.  Until there is a working example of SC
or PF running the code in Media, I don't see the point of making this

The other project also had a couple of .scm files:

but it doesn't look like there was any XV or V4L stuff.

There is also sc/media.c which has all the wrapper code.

It looks like this was only taken as far as was necssary to solve a
very specific problem, then abandoned, and never integrated with main

Another thing here is that the build system is very confusing with all
the autogen gong on.  I'm a bit lost..

I need an entry point and a list of what to ignore..