Wed Nov 7 20:55:32 EST 2012


I'm not sure this is really going anywhere.  The problem in the leaf
library is still memory allocation: it relies on malloc() / free()

Is there a way to separate allocation and init?  The trouble here is
composite objects: it's hard to write objects in C that can not
reference external resources..  And anyways, there is no way around
file descriptors.

So, what is the basic structure?  Objects with open/close, new/delete,
...  it doesn't look like there is a way around it, and it doesn't
look like a good idea to try to use something else than malloc/free:
thread-local storage can be used to override behavior there if it is
really necessary (i.e. dynamic parameters).

So time to stop fussing.

Besides, I wonder if the problem is already solved in Lua?  It has a
nice memory model: don't share pointers with C ;)

I'm thinking that maybe this "keep stuff on the stack" approach is not
such a bad idea.

Anyway, most things I'm interested in don't actually need much
complicated memory management.  Maybe it's time to restate the goals:

1. Create an environment to write simple C objects for multimedia
   processing, that are easily accessed in a variety of scripting
   languages, but that also work stand-alone.

2. Provide a set of base objects to allow some fooling around with
   language VMs.

Those are two goals really.

Lua changed everything for me: a very simple language that integrates
well with C.  No need to re-invent the wheel.

So, some questions:
- What with the serialization requirement on leaf objects?