Wed Jun 8 15:55:02 CEST 2011

VM structure

Something I've been fretting about is whether this ultra-simple VM
structure isn't just ridiculously slow because it doesn't have a fast
reuse stack or a O(1) varref.  My worry is that maybe it can be made
10x faster by adding 10% complexity, and by not thinking about that I
might loose opportunity.

The thing there of course is measurement, and to make it clear what it
should do.  If it's supposed to go into a low-power device, then
efficiency does matter.

So there are many unknowns.  And fear of not doing it right in the
next iteration is definitely there.  I'm already getting a whiff of
making the VM and compiler part of the same coin..

Maybe that's the real direction to take.  Make the whole structure
abstract, so it has a stronger correctness guarantee, but allow for

The basic idea: I'm done with hand-crafting brittle, low-level
structure.  I want to express meanig and mapping separately.