Tue Jun 7 21:25:16 CEST 2011


What a mess..  What I want is a single command to build a project
based on eCos, but there is no simple way to do this.  There's
configs, paths, linker flags, install dirs, source dirs, argh..

What I really want is these 2 steps:

 1.  make-ecos-compiler:      arm.ecc -> just-compile-it-dammit
 2.  just-compile-it-dammit:  *.c     -> app.elf-arm

So, let's get rid of some things.

The darcs/ecos project: it can be merged with libprim, since the only
reason I need eCos outside of work is to play with interpreters..

This means: move the OpenOCD / GDB code to the ecos-meta project, and
let libprim incorporate the build system fixes.