Sun May 1 13:11:48 EDT 2011

ANF compiler

Seems lika n ANF compiler is much like an ordinary interpreter that
makes a choice about what to do first.  This is really a CPS

So what I need is a state-continuation monad.

This is all so familiar..  Maybe there is something to learn about
basics here.

So this is let insertion.  The state is necessary for name generation.
The CPS is necessary to provide sequencing (in a functional way).

Q: Is the necessesity of using CPS a consequence of the necessity of
   threaded state?

In other words, is there a way to implement this that is just
stateful?  It seems that a stateful approach should work too.  Let's
try both.

It seems to be the case that name generation can be kept local:
shadowing is supported in the comp-vm compiler.

It seems the trouble is with trying to express the conversion of a
function application, where a recursive data structure is built (a
collecting of enclosing let forms) which has a deep that needs to be
filled in with data computed in each recursion step.  It's possible to
fake this using iteration though.

( confazzled ramblings ... ) 

The basic idea is that, NO, of course you don't need CPS or
continuation-state passing style in the compiler as long as you're
allowed to use Scheme's state+strictness.