Mon Feb 7 14:24:32 EST 2011

Cell on ARM

Let's try to get it to work on ecos + AT91SAM7S256.

To setup the build dir, 

mkdir ~/libprim/build_ecos_at91sam7sek
cd ~/libprim/build_ecos_at91sam7sek
. /opt/xc/ecos/ecosenv-3.0.sh 
../configure --target=eCos --cmdprefix=arm-eabi- --arch=arm --prefix=/opt/xc/ecos/build_3.0_at91sam7sek/install
make ecos_sc

The ecos is built using "ecosbuild 3.0 at91sam7sek" [1].

This currently fails due to relyance on M_PI in grid.c which probably
leaks through in the linux synthetic target.

. /opt/xc/ecos/ecosenv-cvs.sh 
../configure --target=eCos --prefix=/opt/xc/ecos/build_cvs_linux/install
make VERBOSE=1 ecos_sc

Nope, that one also fails on the M_PI error.

I removed grid.o in leaf/module.mk to see if that fixes it.  It does
fix the arm build.  Linux synthetic build complains about vectors.o
(part of eCos).

[1] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/ecos/ecos_build