Sun Oct 10 15:13:23 CEST 2010

Cell questions

- vectors as balanced trees to support EX, PF and SC?

  cells: simple gc, no need for compacting (also: SRAM: no need for

  vectors: either compacting but memory-inefficient (semi-sphere
  copying) or run-time inefficient (mark/sweep + compact).

  for low mem cells seem to be quite the winner.  how to properly
  abstract structs on top of cells?

- convert current tree walker interpreter to bytecode interpreter

  basic idea: instead of representing code as cells, use byte code,
  which is +- cdr-coded lists.

  balanced tree representation of n slots + header (size + type tag).
  SC vm needs:  

Does it make sense to run the old VM1 on a limited cell store?  It is
quite inefficient with memory already.  However it might be possible
to reuse the part of EX that doesn't rely on structs and vectors.