Sat Jan 23 12:20:31 CET 2010

Embedded use and debugging

So..  compilation is complex: there are a lot of possible tricks and
trade-offs.  Maybe I should aim for a simpler problem to solve,
instead of picking a route that would end at re-implementing one of
the current scheme interpreters.

For embedded systems it is not so very useful to have a dynamic
language during the application's run time.  It's more useful to be
able to poke around at debug time.  This means that the interpretation
(run-time compilation) can be offloaded to the host.

Maybe it's time to think of the libprim project from that perspective:
easy integration with C and debug-time interactive compilation, more
in the spirit of Staapl.

There is a huge advantage in this approach: if a language does not
need to be self-hosting, a fairly sophisticated host language can be
used to implement the compiler.