Tue Jan 19 23:01:44 CET 2010


Using another generated rule for the apps.  $(eval $(call ...)) is
essentially macro expansion, and works quite well.

Tried VPATH for building in a separate directory.  The current rules
work well if the object files already exist, but are out of date.
Otherwise the files are built in the source dir.

VPATH doesn't seem to work well with prefixes...  It really is all
string substitution: I was assuming something like it "unpacking" path
names..  See [1]:

  Although they say ``the commands I list here will create a X from a
  file Y'', that is not what the commands actually do. Instead, they
  create ../obj/X from Y. This is not the same thing at all, and GNU
  make will become very upset with the deception.

[1] http://make.mad-scientist.us/vpath.html