Sun Dec 27 19:00:05 CET 2009


As the pressiure is a bit off the kettle from the side of the
commercial application, where can I go next?  Let's try to summarize.

- Need some form of byte-code representation to make at least
  variable reference a bit cheaper, and eliminate some of the
  redundant allocations of intermediate interpretation state.

- Need some kind of scheme -> C compilation (ala pre-scheme) to
  eliminate tedious debugging of C code, and reduce code size.

Both can be done at once.  Compiling some core Scheme forms to EX
(without HOFs and proper tail calls) doesn't seem very difficult.

So, how can this be made practical?  Where to start?

It seems simplest to gradually move parts of the current C
implementation to Scheme, and write a bootstrap compiler for it.
Essentially this is an exercise in bootstrapping: how to organize the
code in such a way that most of it is in Scheme and duplication in the
compiler is minimal.

When using a VM, part of the compiler needs to be implemented in C (or
compiled to C from Scheme).