Wed Dec 23 08:37:04 CET 2009

insidious TCP console bug

in sc/scheme.c : 
console *_sc_prepare_console_server(sc *sc, const char *node, int port)

    _ addr = (port == 0) 
        ? STRING(node)  // Unix socket
        : CONS(STRING(node), CONS(integer_to_object(port), NIL)); // TCP socket

    _sc_prepare(sc, CONS(SYMBOL("init-console"), 
                    CONS(QUOTE(addr),   // (*)

The (*) marked part wasn't quoted.  This was ok for a unix socket
(strings are self-quoting) but of course not for a list.  The
subsequent error did not get handled.


It looks like the resume() call needs an error handling mechanism.