Thu Dec 10 13:41:20 CET 2009


So, there's a SC/C <-> Java connection.  Link this then to the
eval.java and reflect.java classes.

Different strategy:

Instead of going through a large amount of red tape in C to be able to
call different constructors / class methods / methods, it might be
simpler to move most of the dispatch logic to the Java side and use
the reflection API, but keep a single interface through some static
method interface from C->Java.

On the C side, things need to be simplified such that there are 3
different routines:  constructors / static / methods

FIXME: constructors with arguments dont work.  w.o. ok

FIXME: create an object pool based on the java object pointer, not the
local wrapper.

this is a mess.. solve it properly.

it's not possible to map leaf -> aref due to moving GC, so each leaf
needs to be _dupped.