Tue Nov 3 10:36:12 CET 2009


Need FFmpeg encoder bridge + image format.

image:   256 level greyscale.
encoder: mpeg4, no audio

How to generate the glue code?  -> manually for now
(probably need both manual and generated glue code)

  Q: Is it worth it to use the C api?  Is that amount of control
     necessary?  Maybe a pipe bridge is easier?

  Q: What documentation to use?  Its difficult to find a good
     introduction for the C encoder api.

This seems to be the right spot[1].  Start with the file

The example file uses the following objects:

    AVCodec *codec;     // codec object
    AVCodecContext *c;  // configuration data for codec
    AVFrame *picture;

General structure is simple: picture data is converted to raw packet
based on current codec context.

Next: representing encoded data blobs is maybe best done using the
native string objects.

Problem: how to bridge wrapped buffers and C-level buffers?  I.e. the
low-level C objects need to be able to interface with leaf/bytes.h. 

The simplest solution seems to be to never let the C code allocate
anything (except for data embedded in locally defined objects).  

[1] http://ffmpeg.org/developer.html
[2] http://www.irisa.fr/texmex/people/dufouil/ffmpegdoxy/apiexample_8c.html