Tue Oct 6 17:25:41 CEST 2009


Goal: get the video in, XV out working in PF.

Strategy: use the old PF code, after factoring it into plain C OO
code.  Currently, the code in X11 seems already factored so should be
usable as-is.

Next: create a wrapper generator.  For scheme, it's usually simplest
to keep the parameter layout.  For PF however, object references are
usually best placed on top-of-stack, with all the other arguments in
reverse order.  

Something like this:    

          message(object, arg1, arg2) ->  arg1 arg2 object message

Let's try Scheme first, then use that as a base to write the RPN wrappers.

Step one: parse the file with c.plt
Took cplt.ss from staapl (includes simple printer).

Hmm..  This isn't going very well.  Maybe the hint I should take from
this is that my header files aren't abstract enough: they depend on a
lot of typedefs from deep within the system.  The C objects should
really abstract most if not all of this..

So, what's next?  Setting a clean header standard?  I guess this is
doable: allow for public and private versions, with public ones
exposing only functions.  Alternatively, working around the
limitations of c.plt might be simpler.

Filed bug report.

Note: there is a syntax for creating ASTs: