Sat Aug 22 22:39:04 CEST 2009

Asymmetric Coroutines in Lua

It makes the point that, like partial continuations (PC), asymetric
coroutines (AC) are easier to use because they are composable just
like routines, while symmetric coroutines are hard to set up.

Coroutines cannot yield when there is a C function call in the stack.

The authors mentioned they were working on investigating the relation
between AC and PC.  From what I tried in Scheme, an AC can be
implemented in terms of a PC.  Also the other way around?  They both
are essentially segments of a control stack.

The update is here[3][4].

A library by Sandro Magi (naasking)[5][6].  Looks like this is the
place to contiue working.  I missed it last time, since I went to the
sigfpe[7] article for inspiration.  Currently, libprim/task.c has
stack copying coroutines.

So, what am I going to do?  Stack copying already works, so it could
be a fall-back.  Implementing one-shot continuations could then be
implemented as an additional feature.

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