Mon Aug 10 11:52:16 CEST 2009

Tasks: one-shot + continuations

It looks like the simplest approach is to use a `prompt'.  The current
tinyscheme implementation has a transparent mechanism: any C primitive
can be suspended relative to the setjmp right before primitive
execution.  The setjmp is also used for implementing exceptions.

The scheme in this project has a different structure: there is some
state unpacking between the mark and the actual primitive call.

This makes me thing it might be better to implement c continuations
and one-shot tasks using a primitive that marks the context.

OK. Continuations are working: they create a new ck struct on each
suspend.  It's probably to make one-shot continuations if the context
is reused + a context size check is performed.

  - allocate before running (run on separate stack)
  - one-shot