Thu Aug 6 18:51:02 CEST 2009


Looks like it's working. 

tom@zni:~/libprim/scheme$ wc -l *.[ch]
  167 gc.c
   10 gc_config.h
  133 gc.h
   54 main.c
  559 scheme.c
  201 scheme.h
   38 scheme_prim.h
   41 symbol.c
   28 symbol.h
 1231 total

It has almost nothing though.  Only evaluation + supporting prims.
        - special forms (if, set!)
        - macros
        - reader
        - ports

The special forms might be enough so reader can maybe be written in
Scheme and compiled to C spec of the syntax tree?

Both special forms need modification to the continuation.  Assignment
will need to be done in such a way that GC interrupt isn't possible.

I'm adding a couple of structs to accomodate these different
continuation types.

Once realizing the frame type is only one of different kinds of
continuations, it was quite straigtforward to add 'if', 'set!',
'begin' and 'lambda' with multiple expressions.