Haskell hacking

20200705 FFI
20200703 Threading
20200701 exo integration
20200605 matrix library
20200330 DerivingVia
20200223 check out compiling to categories
20200216 Effects
20200214 redefine classes on top of kleisli arrows
20200213 linear algebra
20200212 ghcid ending in a service
20200209 Lisp-style pattern matcher
20200205 Clash
Ivory: safe embedded C
Sharing through content addressable store
Post to haskell cafe
Revisit the unsafe interface
20200203 A long standing problem: link pure stream view and stateful implementation
20191123 Lenses
20190909 Overriding print stdout
20190521 Making ideas precise
automatic deriving is a mess
20190518 web
20190517 Annotating functors
20190516 CS410 McBride lectures
exposing functor structure
20190511 ghcid
20190509 Type level programming
20190508 Constraining ranges
20190420 Why does Zip not have more standing?
Lifting in monadic algebraic languages.
20190411 I need code navigation
20190410 cabal2nix guidelines
20190408 ghcid multiple modules
Ad hoc collections
20190406 ghcid
20190402 Sequential notation again
20190311 Monads are too cumbersome for pure languages
20190129 Monadic form is annoying
20190103 Templating
20180916 LLVM and haskell
20180912 Strict stream processing
20180904 Haskell as a metalanguage
C code
20180903 pipes
20180901 Monad transformers
Monad transformers
20180827 nix/haskell build problems, Show1
20180826 hackage: how to find an empty package slot?
20180823 Monads are metaprograms, and they are not
20180819 Data.Graph
Instance of Foldable that is not Functor
20180815 Convert betweeen STUArray and UArray
20180814 Periodicity detection
20180812 Monadic form for expression languages
20180811 Tagless final and macro processing
fixed length vectors
20180809 quickcheck reports
20180807 skolem
20180803 More rank-2 madness
20180802 runST and rank-2 inference
arrays, ST
20180728 Sharing
Arrow, Applicative
20180726 Deriving Generic, serialize
20180725 unboxed mutable arrays without IO?
20180724 What is so special about Strong?
20180722 Partially applied type synonyms
20180721 Applicative do
Continuation monad: the mother of all monads
Tuple shuffling
Binary Kleisli Arrow?
Arrow is Strong Category?
20180720 Local copies of modules
20180719 DataKinds
20180717 Refactor-oriented programming
20180716 Rank N types
20180715 yoneda, profunctors, lenses
template haskell sexp
yoneda, lenses
20180709 quickcheck state machine
20180708 A template haskell lisp
liftA2 for Monad
20180707 Type directed programming
Functor composition
20180706 Rank n types
20180702 reader Comonad is curried reader Monad?
20180701 Naming types
20180629 Map and Eq,Ord
Nets as just sets again?
Netlist aliases
Map a b / Set (a,b)
Free monads as a way to compose effects
20180628 Monads are weird, yes.
Haskell test server
Haskell && top-down design
20180627 Tree and Forest
Web interface
20180625 Products are easy, sums are hard
20180624 Lenses
20180623 Phantom types
20180622 scripting
20180619 Dynamic typing
20180618 Stacking state monads
20180617 Time for CT again..
Why is Applicative so powerful?
When is Arrow appropriate?
Auto, feedback
"fix" and Arrow
Sources and sinks
20180616 Natural transformations
Contravariant functor
20180609 double monadic values
20180605 Too abstract
The essence of staapl
Tagless-Final and representations
(Int,Maybe Int) -> Maybe (Int, Int)
20180604 Existential types for siso?
20180603 Bottom scraper as illustration of operating on tree coordinates
20180602 Finite trees as relations
Using retract
Free and iterM
Tagged s-expressions
More Free
20180601 Free again
20180531 Tree to Path
Free fold
20180530 Hidden state
Zippable Functors
Representable? Naperian?
Structure preserving applicatives? (Zippable?)
20180529 Free monad
(_ a)
Typechecker fights
20180528 Composing functors
"transposing" (,) and Functor?
Metalevel Functors -> Targetlevel lists
sequence List,Monad genaralizes to traverse Functor,Traversable
20180527 Template haskell vs. Makefile
compose and 2-argument function?
Applicative Functor
Free in SeqNet.hs
filterMap ?
Type-directed programming
Free Monad
20180523 State monad vs. state update functions
20180521 loops/recursion and tagless-final
Evaluation order
I need a PRU emulator
20180506 Traverse tree with context summary
20180324 Lenses
20180304 Alternatives
Erlang pids vs. Haskell channels
Type checker + abstract evaluator
SimpleML to Typed Erlang?
Toy languages
CCC pattern matching
Strict ML embedding
Erlang harness
Erlang vs. Haskell BT client
20180303 Rep and structure commutation
20180228 Erlang node protocol
20180221 Stack
Trying to get back into Haskell through Shake
20180220 Compile to anything
20180213 No haskell debian packages for panda
20171216 concat
20171215 circular programming
20171213 Erlang overlay
20171211 concat
Monadic langauges and expressions
Haskell, DSP and DSLs
20171210 Monadic languages vs CCC
20171208 Rank2Types and value-level instances
20171204 Parsec <|> is predictive
Giving up
20171203 lxc + qemu armhf vm with ghc
20171202 Cross compiling haskell
Monad stacks
20171128 Contemporary Haskell
20171118 Product functor vs. sum functor
Free Monad
20171105 Free Theorem / Free Monad
Getting re-aquianted with Haskell build tools
20170610 installing haskell on debian
20170602 Standardize on haskell build system
20170413 Installing stack
20170412 Switch to stack?
20170306 Functional programming and Imperative Multiprocessing
20161227 types vs. tests
20161223 typeclasses
20161210 HalVM
20160913 FRP
20160910 stack
20160812 DSL time
20160110 Lenses
20160102 Sandboxes
20150913 What I wish I knew...
20150911 Testing C against reference Haskell implementation
20150903 a -> b -> m c
20150830 _not_ using reader monad
20150827 reading Haskell
20150825 Testing C code with Haskell
Turn left folds into right folds (corecursion)
20150823 CPS Monad revisited
Monads and bad intuitions
Kleisli arrow
20150821 Streams and corecursion
20150820 forall
20150818 Avoiding Cabal Hell
20150815 Reactive GUI
20150814 Conditional join?
20150809 Haskell + Erlang
20150807 Monad transformers
20150806 Free monads
20150805 Idioms are oblivious, arrows are meticulous, monads are promiscuous
20150802 Arrow = Category + Applicative?
20150731 duplicate instance declarations
20150727 Applicative Functor
20150721 Transposition
20150720 This shit is hard
20150719 Curried instances
20141222 QuickCheck / FFI
20140110 Commutation
20130812 Haskell killer libraries
20130325 FLUNK highlights
20130217 So what is a monad?
Monads & Gonads
20121027 OpenGL: GLFW
20120722 Gnuplot