TI DaVinci Linux + Codec Engine

20130615 DVSDK on Angstrom
BeagleBoard-XM boot console log
20100419 DaVinci HD-VICP
20100312 Got another board: MP4900-BRD-DM6446-32
20100220 cross compiling linux kernel (linux-davinci)
20090803 towards autowrap: replacing data structures with enumerators
20090731 autowrap
20090730 demuxer
test signals
XDM 0.9 deprecated interface
20090729 TI docs + examples
contiguous buffers
20090728 instantiating viddec
20090727 Davinci kernel on OSD2
linker adventures
20090725 todo
debugging symbols
compiling cmemk and dsplinkk from source
Montavista with debugging symbols
Debian eabi
ARM926EJ-S and floating point
currently running .config
Debian arm cross toolchain
stripped libraries
20090724 next
global Codec Engine structures
20090723 Instantiating some codecs
C <-> Scheme wrapping
rlogin / socat
About the approach
20090722 tinyscheme
Setting up gdb
First contact
VLC / TI code
20090716 OSD3
20090711 TI C compiler
20090710 TI stuff
20090708 running it
Clean the m4/ directory
trying with ubuntu 8.04
more VLC build problems
broken libtool 2.2.6? (OSD2 VLC works with libtool 1.5.26)
20090706 trying again
20090704 rebuilding on klimop
montavista toolchain
neuros VLC
examining OSD2 build system
mainstream davinci kernel works
neuros / vlc build system
20090703 trying to get vlc going
20090523 community status
20090520 TODO
OSD2 Debian arm
20090519 More neuros stuff online
Done compiling