About the http://zwizwa.be web logs.


  Over the years I've come to see simply writing about problems as I
  encounter them very productive.  I put these thoughts online in
  order to increase the probability of serendipitous exchanges.

  Please do note that this collection of posts contains a lot of
  unfinished ideas.  I do my best to try to indicate the quality where
  possible, and stick to a single idea or process per post.


  I enjoy the high signal to noise ratio of private conversation.  The
  posts have a reply button for email.  I'm also on Twitter
  @tom_zwizwa if that's your thing.


  I have a _lot_ of side projects.  I cycle through them whenever I
  get stuck or run out of steam.  Currently I'm mostly working on:

  - Various "tools" libraries: http://zwizwa.be/software.html

  - EXO, an exercise in integration and incremental development:

  - Exploring Rust no_std async and writing some audio and MIDI code

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