Wed Apr 1 19:08:17 EDT 2020

setting up

$ cd /nix/exo
$ west init zephyr-project
$ cd zephyr-project/
$ west update
$ west zephyr-export

The latter one crashes on a Python f string, introduced in 3.6 and I have 3.5
Installed 3.7.2 from nix.

Another issue: requirements-run-test.txt contains: pyocd>=0.24.0 which
fails install due to rust error on cmsis_pack_manager

pip install --user cmsis_pack_manager

Why the hell is there a rust package in there?


The needs:
rustup update stable
rustup default stable

So pip isn't too smart.  It installs everything that it is asked to
install even if it is already installed.  Smart skipping is done only
for things that are not directly mentioned.

Wow this shit really is complex and hard to get going.

OK this is a problem with nix.

Nix is a fucking pain in the ass.

cd /nix/exo/zephyr-project/zephyr
export PYTHONPATH=/home/tom/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages
west build -p auto -b stm32_min_dev_blue samples/basic/blinky