Sun Jul 30 22:46:32 EDT 2017

Epoxy vs. wood filler

Elmer's isn't really much cheaper than the Wood Epox

2x 16oz  wood epox amazon $40             (/ 40 32.0) $1.25/oz
2x  6oz  elmer's damaged wood repair $18  (/ 18 12.0) $1.5/oz

But the wood filler is a lot cheaper:
Elmer's Probond 32-oz Stainable Wood Filler int/ext $13 for 32oz  (/ 13 32.0) $0.40/oz

Basically, use epoxy for structural patches, and the wood filler for
all the rest.

Probably OK to mix the wood filler with pieces of wood to take up bulk.

PC products - 12 oz. PC-Woody Wood Epoxy Paste

2x 12oz  P.C. woody $22 (/ 22 24.0) $0.9/oz