Tue Feb 21 16:23:25 EST 2017

React vs. the React idea

So the basic premise is:

1. It's too hard to update the structure of the web page
   incrementally, so recompute the whole thing.

2. Given the new structure, compute the diff to limit redraws

While this is a great idea, the diffing doesn't have to happen in the
browser.  Why use virtual dom if it is possible to do the diffing on a
much simpler internal data structure, and translate that into a
sequence of updates.

The important part here is that if it makes sense to go to full tree
recomputation, it might make sense to go to tree diffing for rendering
updates, but it might as well be just fine.

Also in many cases it is possible an even easier to compute the diff
directly.  So what about making this explicit?