Sat Feb 11 10:44:43 EST 2017

SPA design

So this is really bugging me.  What I've seen from the web page bits
is that it is very hard to simplify the ideas.

The main thing that keeps coming back is the elimination of circular
dependencies by introducing hierarchy.

Really, what this is about is "relaxation": changing a tiny bit of the
whole has effect on the whole.  Recomputing the whole seems to be the
only sane way to do this, unless all updates are local, in which case
only the local bit can be updated.

So I wonder, is there a way to convert such a circular dependency into
a tree effect directly?  E.g. suppose that a naive propagation would
cause cycles, so define a canonical way to resolve those.  The result
of that is a set of updates.

Maybe the correct paradigm for guis isn't reactive programming, it's
constraint programming.